Acacia Tree

Week 9
Year 2016
Acacia tree with roaming animals in the background
Image Credit: "Umbrella thorn acacia" by Stolz, Gary M, With U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“LOOK OUT!” or other similar warning phrases are probably how the Acacia tree interprets its neighbors when they are being eaten by herbivores. Although these African trees don’t communicate by text, they do communicate with Ethane gas. When being eaten, they release the gas and their downwind companions, of up to 50 yards, increase their production of the poison tannin. How are Acacia trees the main diet of Giraffes, then? Giraffes strategically go from tree to tree, only moving upwind to catch their food off guard.[1]

Do you know any fun facts or tips?


[1]: "Acacias - The Iconic Tree of the Savannah." Nature Explored. Accessed March 07, 2016.