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Week 16
Year 2016
Elegant Sunburst Lichen (Xanthoria elegans) by Björn S...
Image Credit: "Nikki's B-Day Plant" by Connor Talbott © Tall Town Design, Inc.

As beautiful as this common house plant looks, don’t let children chew on it (or pets). The leafs of the Anthurium plant are poisonous due to the calcium oxalate crystals that they contain.[1] With over 800 species, this tropical plant is found natively from Mexico to Uruguay. In Greek, Anthurium means "Tail flower". Other well-fit names of the plant include the "Flamingo flower" and "Painted Tongue". Soon, tiny flowers of this plant will be seen on the long spike, or spadix. Also, be sure to note the waxy, almost fake looking, leafs.[2]

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