Marimo Ball

Week 1
Year 2016
Connor Talbott's underwater house plant, a Marimo ball.
Image Credit: "Ball of Seaweed" by Connor Talbott © Tall Town Design, Inc.

Ever seen a ball of algae as a house plant? These interesting characters are native to the bottom of lakes in Japan, Estonia, Iceland, Scotland and Australia. There, they roll around in the cool current giving them their spherical shape.[1] In Lake Zell, Australia, in 1823, samples showed Marimo Balls reaching up a whopping size of over 7.5 inches in diameter![2] For the people reading this with plant obsessions and running out of prime window space with direct sunlight, these cute suckers don’t need much light. How convenient! Although these balls are low day-to-day maintenance and are sturdy house plants, they have a lifespan of over 100 years! Thus, Marimos are for those that want a life-long companion and not a short fad.[1] 

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