Redwood Tree

Week 2
Year 2016
Man standing under a huge redwood tree.
Image Credit: Licensed through Adobe Stock

Wait what? A plant the size of the Statue of Liberty!?!? The giant Redwood tree is truly a sight to see. Only located in Northern California, the Redwood trees can get to the height of 375 feet with a diameter of 20 feet.[2] The redwood doesn’t just spring up from seed over night, though; some are known to be over 2000 years old.[1] Speaking of their seeds, the seed of a Redwood is only 3mm long. That's a height gain of over 3.7 million percent![1] Mind. Blown. On a daily basis these trees move hundreds of gallons of water up their trunks, mostly a source of the fog that rolls in from the Ocean.[1] Their extreme resistance to natural threats like fire and insects is in part due to their bark that can get to up a foot thick![1][2]

Do you know any fun facts or tips?


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