Air Plant

(Tillandsia Tectorum)

Week 3
Year 2016
Close up of Connor Talbott's Tillandsia tectorum in his hand.
Image Credit: "Tillandsia Tectorum" by Connor Talbott © Tall Town Design, Inc.

Air Plants (Tillandsias), as the name implies, get their nutrients and water from the air. This means they do not need to be planted in soil; instead, they commonly grow while attached to other plants or by moving around the desert, like nomads. These soil-less oddities come in many shapes and sizes. Related to Orchids, there are over 550 species in several different parts of the world, including here here here and here.[1][2] Propagation is possible with seeds, however, it is more common for air plants to have offshoots, called pups.[3] For the most part, Air Plants are easy to care for as house plants.

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