Sensitivity Plant

(Mimosa Pudica)

Week 4
Year 2016
Gif clip showing the leaves of a sensitivity plant recoil in.
Image Credit: "Mimosa pudica folding leaflets inward." by Hrushikesh © CC0

How good is your plant’s memory? Some research suggests that Mimosa Pudica (Sensitivity Plant) has long and short term memory. These curious plants quickly retract when they are touched or stimulated. However, research shows that after the plant repeatedly hides from drops of water, it soon learns that the water is not a threat and then stops reacting to the water drops.[1][2] In the past, when these plants were observed, it was thought that they had nerve and muscle tissues to retract their leaves. Now, scientists know that a pressure loss in the leaf is the reason for the Sensitivity Plant to have such a strange behavior.[3]

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